Sgiobadh air là spòrs airson am ‘British Heart Foundation’

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Bu mhath leinn taing a thoirt dhan h-uile duine a thug airgead dhuinn fhad’s a bha sinn a’ gabhail pàirt anns an sgiobadh againn air an là spòrs againn. Chruinnich sinn £893.28. ‘S math a rinn gach duine agus tha sinn air leth taingeil airson an taic a thug sibh uile dhuinn.
Thàinig dithis bhon ‘British Heart Foundation’ a-steach an-diugh airson an seic againn fhaighinn as leth am ‘British Heart Foundation’.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us to skip on our Sports’ Day. We raised £893.28. Everyone did really well and we are very grateful for the support you all gave us.

Two people from the British Heart Foundation came to our assembly today to accept a cheque on their behalf.

Mòran Taing

Comhairle nan Sgoilearan


Tha buidheann (os leth Comhairle nam Pàrant) an dòchas ti/cofaidh a’reic aig Feit an t-Samhraidh as Di Sathairne 14 An t-Ogmhios. Tha iad a’sireadh taic bhuaibh; ceicean, milsean agus botail. Ma’s urrainn dhuibh cuideachadh an cur sibh iad gu Oifis na Sgoile. Mòran Taing.


The Fundraising Committee are hoping to do tea/coffee at the Gala day on Saturday 14th of June and are looking for donations of home baking and also bottles for the bottle stall. If you are able to help donations can be dropped off to the school office. Many Thanks.

Golf Coaching at Inverness Golf Club

Dear all


Junior Spaces available for golf coaching at Inverness Golf Club – Fairways


Inverness golf club at fairways have space for juniors, Primary 5,6,7, at junior coaching which takes place on Mondays, starting at 4.30pm and costs £20 for the sessions up until summer holidays.

The PGA Pros deliver coaching along with volunteer help.


Would it be possible to help spread the word and pass this info round teachers, classes or pop it into the school newsletter and pass onto parents if possible.


Many thanks




Sarah Liebnitz Active Schools Coordinator Inverness Royal Academy Primaries

High Life Highland

Hilton community Centre



T: 01463 712359 or 07766 363707






Pàrantan BSGI/ BSGI Parent Council

Parent Forum

Comhairle Nam Pàrant Fòram

Dihaoine 16mh de’n Chèitein 2014

Friday 16thth May 2014



Aig/ At Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis




Guest Speaker : Áine Andrews

Gaelscoil na bhFál , Belfast

Aine is from Belfast and lives in the Shaw’s Road, Gaeltacht.  She has worked in the Gaelscolaiocht sector (Irish medium schooling) for over 30 years.  She is currently the principal of Gaelscoil na bhFal. She is also Chairperson and education advisor with Altram, the Irish language organisation for preschools in Northern Ireland. She has written a training manual for early year’s immersion education Two Windows on the World.



Tha fàilte ron a h-uile duine. All welcome.

Seo an cothrom agaibhse airson deasbad mu rud sam bith mun sgoil. This is your chance to bring up any issues you wish to discuss about the school.


Tea & Coffee or bring your own bottle.