Co-thional 6.10.17

An-diugh thàinig an sgoil air fad còmhla airson co-thional le Dr Torrens. Chuala sinn deagh naidheachdan bhon sgioba iomainn agus bho muinntir karate. Seo agaibh cuideachd na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan an t-seachdain seo.

Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi soar-laithean math agaibh uile, agus chì sinn a-rithist sibh air Diluain 23 den Damhair.

Today, the whole school came together for assembly with Dr Torrens. We heard from the shinty and karate groups about their successes in the past week. Also, here are the pupils who received certificates this week from their teachers. Well done!

We hope that you all have a great October holiday, and we’ll see you again on Monday 23rd October.


Karate BSGI

BKF 2017 135

Rinn Andrew Sloss agus Thomas Fearns fìor mhath aig Karate Championships!

Andrew Sloss and Thomas Fearns from BSGI  both won Bronze medals at the British International Karate Championships last weekend.  Both boys won through several rounds in very high standard events. Thomas was beaten into 3rd place by the current Scottish Champion in the boys 7-9 age group.  A big well done to them both.

Co-thional 29.9.17


Seo agaibh na sgoilearan bhon t-seachdainsa a fhuair teisteanasan. ‘S math a rinn sibh. Bha sinn cuideachd a’ seinn an-diugh ann an co-thional, agus chuala sinn bho clas a trì a tha ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn a’ chiad-chobhair. Sheall iad dhuinn ciamar a nì sinn ‘recovery position’ airson daoine a chuideachadh.

Here are the pupils who received a certificate this week. Well done! We were also singing today in assembly, and we heard from Primary 3 who are learning about First Aid. They demonstrated how to perform the recovery position in front of the assembly.

Parent council

Next meeting of the Parent Council is Thursday 5th October at 7pm in the school. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend.
1. Welcome
2. Open Actions
3. Head Teacher’s Report
4. Chair’s Report
5. Funding / Treasurer’s Update
6. Fundraising
7. AOB


Tapaidh Leibh,



Feis a’ bhaile

FEIS A’ BHAILE – Mon 16th – Friday 20th October 2017


Looking for something fun and rewarding for the kids to do during the October holidays?  Look no further than Feis a’ Bhaile, a jam packed week of music and activities for kids aged 8 and over held at Millburn Academy during the second week of the school holidays.


No previous musical experience is necessary.  The Feis gives complete beginners and more advanced players alike the opportunity to try new instruments, gain new skills and develop existing ones, play with others and learn from a fantastic array of Tutors including Lauren MacColl, Ali Turner and Brigade Chaimbeul.  Instruments include fiddle, whistle, bagpipes, drumming, guitar, accordion, keyboard, mandolin and singing.  There’s also art, drama and shinty and a final concert to show off all the new skills that have been made.


When: Monday 16th – Friday 20th October 9.30am – 4pm every day

Where: Millburn Academy, Inverness

Cost:  £85 for one child and £80 for siblings


For more information and to book please see the Feis a’ Bhaile website or Facebook page or contact Rachel on 07763 144453 or

Jeans for Genes Day


Air Dihaoine tha an sgoil a’gabhail pàirt ann an ‘Jeans for Genes’ airson airgead a thogail dha clann le tinneasan ginteil. Faodaidh na sgoilearan aodach ‘denim’ a chur orra. Feumaidh a h-uile pàist le denim orra £1 a phàigheadh airson ‘Jeans for Genes’. Tha sinn an dòchas gun cruinnich sinn tòrr airgead.

On Friday 22nd September the school will be taking part in Jeans for Genes Day to raise money for children with different genetic disorders around the UK. To raise money, we are asking for children and staff to come to school wearing denim clothing. Anybody wearing denim is to donate £1. Many thanks.

Co-thional 15.9.17

Seo agaibh na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan an t-seachdain seo ann an clasaichean 1-3. Cuideachd, bhuannaich clas 2/3 an Cupa airson an cloakroom as sgiobalta. Chuala sinn mu na puingean taighe bho na caiptein cuideachd.

Here are the pupils who received certificates today in P1-3. P2/3 also won the Cup for the tidiest cloakroom this week. We also heard about which school house had the most points this week. Well done, Calltainn.

Phonics workshop


Bidh bùth-obrach fonaigs air a-màireach airson pàrantan clann clasaichean 1 gu 3. ‘S e cothrom a th’ann faicinn ciamar a tha sinn a’ teagasg fonaigs anns an sgoil, agus beagan Gàidhlig ionnsachadh dhuibh fhèin cuideachd. Tha sinn an dòchas tòrr phàrantan fhaicinn ann aig 2f a-màireach 14mh den t-Sultain.

Tomorrow we are running a phonics workshop for parents of children in classes 1 to 3. This will be a great opportunity to see how phonics is taught in the school, and an opportunity for you to learn a little Gaelic. We hope to see many parents coming along tomorrow 14th September at 2pm.

Co-thional 8.9.17


Seo agaibh sgoilearan C1-3 a bhuannaich na teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh. Chaidh Cupa na Gàidhlig dha cuideigin ann an clas 2/3, agus bhuannaich clas 1 an Cupa airson an ‘Cloakroom’ as sgiobalta.

Here are the P1-3 pupils who received certificates this week. Well done! The Gaelic Cup went to a pupil in P2/3 and Primary 1 won the Cup for the tidiest cloakroom.


Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair

Bidh ‘Scholastic Book Fair’ anns an sgoil an ath sheachdain. Bidh cothrom aig gach clas coimheadh air na leabhraichean agus leabhar a thaghadh.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be arriving in the school next week. Each class will have an opportunity to look at what is available and pick a book. If your child would like to purchase a book, he/she will take home a slip with the name and price of the book.


Là ‘s a ghàrradh C4-7

Bha clasaichean 4-7 trang ‘s a ghàrradh-chluich an-diugh, a’ cladhach ‘s a sgioblachadh. Tha iad air lusan ùr a chur airson ‘Garradh Alpine’ a chruthachadh. Tha e a’ coimhead sgoinneil. Bha iad cuideachd a’ togail sgudal agus a’ gluasad fiodh airson ‘s gum bi rum ann airson cidsin poll. Tha sinn an dùil cidsin a thogail mar àite cluich airson na sgoilearan. Bha tòrr deagh bheachdan aig a chloinn mun chidsin. Bha na clasaichean uile gu math modhail agus cuideachail a-muigh, agus tha sinn an dòchas gum bi sibh uile a’ coimhead às dèidh an stuth ùr a h-againn. Mòran taing gu Mgr Neil Porter a thàinig a-steach airson cuideachadh a thoirt dhuinn.

Primaries 4-7 were busy in the playground today, digging and tidying. We placed new plants the outdoor planters to create an ‘Alpine Garden’. It looks great! The children were also litter-picking and moving wood to make room for an outdoor mud kitchen. We hope to build a mud kitchen for the children to play with during breaks and lunchtimes. The children had lots of great ideas on how to build the mud kitchen. All the classes were well-behaved and helpful outside today, and we hope that they will look after our new playground garden. Many thanks to Mr Neil Porter, who came along today to help in the playground.

Scottish Government survey

The Scottish Government is planning to nearly double the hours of free early learning and childcare by 2020. Because the views of parents and carers are crucial for the success of this expansion, the Government has commissioned independent researchers to undertake a survey of parents. It is now asking for help in sharing the survey link ( with as many parents of 0-5 year old children as possible. If you are a parent of 0-5 year old children, please complete the survey by following the link.



Good afternoon,





This is an initial e-mail to establish demand for Bikeability volunteer training for which you have all indicated interest in previously.  The Road Safety Unit plans to run a free sessions on one of the following dates: 18th,19th or 20th September ,in Inverness.  Training sessions take 5 hours (9:30 – 14:30) and the exact  venue will be decided subject to demand and confirmation , but normally we use the Archive Centre.


New volunteers must attend a Cycle Training Assistant (CTA) Course before delivering Bikeability to school pupils – the course is designed for school staff, parents or other community volunteers who are interested in delivering Bikeability Levels 1 & 2 to school pupil P5-7.  Volunteers attending the course will be guided through the skills and competencies required to deliver bike safety training to the national standard of Bikeability.  Please note that existing volunteers who have been delivering Cycling Proficiency or who have already achieved the CTA qualification are not required to retrain and should continue to deliver Bikeability at your school.  There is a large practical element to the course and new volunteers should be reasonably confident cyclists, provide their own bike, helmet and safety clothing.


If you are still interested or know anyone else who would be, please inform us (or your child’s school) of names and e-mail addresses, and the dates you can make,  before 1st September so that we can decide on appropriate venues and send out further details.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Kind regards




Laura Jamieson

Technician – Transport Planning

(Split Post: Road Safety / Development Management)


Aig co-thionnal an-diugh bhruidhinn sinn mu dheidhinn modh agus dè an reasabaidh as fhèarr airson clas agus sgoil modhail. Bha na clasaichean a’ measgachadh stuth airson cèic a dhèanamh, sheall seo dhuinn na seòrsa rudan a dh’fheumas sinn airson a bhith modhail, agus dè na seòrsa rudan a bhiodh a’milleadh a chèic, agus a’milleadh modh a chlas agus na sgoile.

Seo agaibh cuideachd na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. Mealaibh ur naidheachd.

At assembly today Mrs MacVicar spoke about behaviour, and what the best recipe for good behaviour is in the classes and school. A pupil form each class mixed ingredients for a cake together as an example to show what the best mix of ingredients are for good behaviour, and also what sort of behaviour spoils the ethos of the class and school.

Here are also the certificate winners from each class for the first week back. Congratulations!

Opening times

Bidh geata na sgoile a’ fosgladh aig 08:45 gach madainn.  Ma tha do phaiste a’ tighinn gu club bracaist feumaidh sibh dorais a sgoil-araich a chleachdadh airson soidhnigeadh a-steach.

Please note the school gates will now open at 08:45 each morning.  Breakfast club children must use the sgoil-araich entrance and all children must be signed in by an adult.  We would appreciate your support with this, as we make security of our children our top priority.

Moran taing

Mrs MacVicar

Fàilte air ais!


Fàilte air ais! Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh deagh soar-laithean agaibh uile, agus gu bheil sibh deiseil agus deònach airson bliadhna ùr san sgoil.  Bidh cuairt-litir agus barrachd fiosrachadh mun tèirm ùr a’tighinn thugaibh an ath sheachdain.

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and that you’re all ready for a new school year. A school newsletter and more information about the upcoming term will be sent home next week.

Co-fharpais ealain

Aig deireadh na bliadhna rinn an sgoil co-fharpais airson Cupa Keir. Seo agaibh an dealbh a bhuannaich a cho-fharpais le ‘moto’ ùr na sgoile, ‘Gaisgich òg na Gàidhlig’.

At the end of the last session the school had a competition for Keir’s Cup. Here is the winning piece of art which includes the new school moto, ‘Young heroes of Gaelic’.

Plana Leasachaidh na Sgoile

SIP 2017 18 2

Seo agaibh Plana Leasachaidh na Sgoile airson am bliadhna.  Mar sgoil tha sinn air aontachadh gu bheil sinn dol ag obair air Leughadh, Saidheans agus ‘Profiling’.

Attached is our School Improvement Plan for this session.  As a school we have decided to develop Reading, Science and Profiling this session.  More information on profiling will be given during this term.


Kirsty MacVicar

Acting Head Teacher


Being ùr

Mòran taing dha Tom Eglington agus Comhairle nam Pàrant airson a’ bheing chàirdeas ùr againn. Tha e a’ coimead gu math snog aig doras aghaidh na sgoile.

Many thanks to Tom Eglington of Tom’s Cap Cabin, and to the Parent Council for our new friendship bench. It looks great at the school front door.

Mòd Inbhir Nis


Tha Mòd Inbhir Nis a’ dol air adhart air Dihaoine. Bidh cuid de sgoilearan BSGI a’ gabhail pàirt ann an co-fharpaisean a Mhòid. Bidh còmhlan-ciuil Clas 7 ann an co-fharpais aig mu 09:45 ‘s a mhadainn, agus an uairsin Clas 1, 1/2 , 2/3 agus 3 ann an co-fharpais aig mu 10:30m. Chan urrainn dhuinn a bhith cinnteach air na h-amannan, chì sinn dè cho luatha ‘sa bhios cùisean air an latha. Faodaidh pàrantan tighinn ann airson do phàist fhaicinn aig na co-fharpaisean, ach cuimhnich gum feum a h-uile duine pàigheadh airson a bhith a’ tighinn dhan Mhòd.

The Inverness Mòd is taking place on Friday. Some of the BSGI pupils will be taking part in Mòd competitions. The P7 Cèilidh band will be competing at around 09:45am, and then P1,1/2, 2/3 and 3 will be competing at around 10:30am. We can’t be sure of exact timings, we’ll just have to see if things run according to plan on the day. Parents may attend the Mòd to watch their child perform, but remember that there is an admission ticket price, whether you attend for one competition or for the whole day.

Duaisean Là Spòrs

An-diugh, aig co-thionnal, fhuair na sgoilearan a bhuannaich na rèisean air an Là Spòrs againn na buinn aca. Seo iad a’coimhead gu math pròiseil. Bha co-fharpais JRSO ann cuideachd an t-seachdain seo, agus bhuannaich cuid glag airson am baidhsagal aca le na dealbhan snog a rinn iad.

Today at assembly, the children who won the flat races during Sports Day, received their medals. Here they are looking very proud. There was also a JRSO car competition this week, and with the lovely drawings they made, some of the children won a new bell for their bikes.

Là Ospais na Gàidhealtachd BSGI

Bha latha trang anns an sgoil air Diciadain le tòrr tachairteasan ann airson Là Ospais na Gàidhealtachd. Bha tòrr spòrs aig na sgoilearan, gu h-àraid nuair a bha an ‘Dùbhlan Custard’ ann feasgar. Fhuair Miss Campbell, Miss MacLean agus Mrs MacVicar barrachd bhòtaichean na na tidsearan eile agus mar sin bha iad air an còmhdachadh le custard. Abair spòrs! ‘S math a rinn Miss Campbell agus Miss MacLean airson an latha air fad a chur air dòigh leis an sgioba Carthannasan, agus na clasaichean aca fhèin cuideachd. Chruinnich iad £710.96 airson an Ospais. Mòran taing dhan a h-uile duine a ghabh pàirt agus a thug a-steach airgead airson an latha.

BSGI had a busy day on Wednesday with lots of activities happening for the Highland Hospice day. The pupils had great fun, especially in the afternoon during the Custard Challenge. The teachers with the highest number of votes were Miss Campbell, Miss MacLean and Mrs MacVicar, and were therefore covered in custard. They were great sports! Well done to Miss Campbell and Miss MacLean for organising the day, along with their classes and the Charities committee. £710.96 was raised for the Highland Hospice! Many thanks to all those who took part in the day.



Rinn am buidheann Eco £52 eile leis an aodach anns am biona ‘Rag bag’ againn. Dìreach sgoinneil! J

The Eco committee has raised another £52 from the clothes in the ‘Rag bag’ bin. This is great! J


Tapadh leibh airson ar cuideachadh.

Thank you for all your donations.

Là Ospais na Gàidhealtachd


An ath Diciadain, 7mh den t-Òg Mhìos, bidh Là Ospais na Gàidhealtachd againn san sgoil. Tha sinn a’ cruinneachadh airgead airson Ospais na Gàidhealteach le diofar gnìomhan agus rudan spòrsail a bhios a’dol air an latha sin. Airson £1, faodaidh sibh aodach buidhe a chur oirbh dhan sgoil. Airson 50sg, faodaidh sibh sìol a chuir ‘sa ghàrradh chluich. Bidh peant aodann ann agus peantadh ìnean ann airson 50sg, agus faodaidh sibh cuideachd bailiùn a cheannach le teachaireachd snog air airson £1. Bidh cuideachd ‘Dùbhlan  Custard’ ann. Faodaidh sibh bhòtadh airson tidsear le £1, agus bidh an tidsear leis an àireamh as motha de bhòtaichean a’faighinn bucaid custard air a dhòrtadh thairis orra. Faodaidh sibh cuideachd cèicean a thoirt a-steach airson an reic. Abair tòrr stuth Spòrsail! Cuimhnichibh beagan airgead a thoirt a-steach airson an latha sin.

Next Wednesday, 7th June, there will be a Highland Hospice Day in the school to raise some money for the Highland Hospice. There will be lots of activities for the children to get involved in, to raise money. The school will be having a yellow theme on the day, so all children are encouraged to wear yellow clothing, for which they would pay £1. The children can plant seeds or bulbs in the playground for 50p. There will be face painting and nail painting stalls, both costing 50p. For £1, the children may also buy a balloon with a special message written on it. We will also have the Custard Challenge in the afternoon. The children can pay £1 to vote for a teacher of their choice. The teacher with the highest number of votes will have custard poured over them on the day. The children may also bring in cakes to be sold. What a lot of fun! Remember to bring in some money on the day, to take part.

Co-thionnal 2.6.17

Seo agaibh cuid à clas 1-3 le na teisteanasan aca bhon diugh. Fhuair iad na teisteanasan airson modh, adhartas, deagh Ghàidhlig a bhruidhinn agus tòrr eile. Nach iad a rinn math. Cuideachd, rinn an Comataidh JRSO clas 4-7 dealbh-cluich dhuinn a bha ag innse mu dheidhinn a bhith sàbhailte a’dol tarsainn an rathad.

Here are the children from P1-3 who received certificates today at assembly. The certificates were given for good behaviour, progression and good Gaelic, amongst other things. Also, the P4-7 JRSO committee prepared a short play to tell us about how best to stay safe when crossing the road.

Cuach na Cloinne

Rinn an sgioba ball-coise BSGI fìor mhath aig Cuach na Cloinne air Dimàirt, a’ faighinn an dàrna àite a-mach à 60 sgiobaidhean! ’S math a rinn sibh!

Bha deagh fharpais sna Cuairtean Deireannach, a chumadh aig pàirce Caledonian Thistle F C Inbhir Nis, agus, aig deireadh na farpais, b’ iad Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce a thàinig am bàrr, le Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis san dàrna àite. A dh’ aindeoinn fìor dhroch aimsir bha deagh chluich aig na sgiobannan air fad agus bha e na thlachd a bhith gan èisteachd agus iad a’ conaltradh le chèile cho siubhlach sa Ghàidhlig.


The BSGI football team did very well at Cuach na Cloinne on Tuesday afternoon, coming in second place out of 60 teams. Well done BSGI! Bun Sgoil Taobh na Pàirce from Edinburgh, came in first place. Despite some bad weather, all who took part enjoyed playing and getting to know Gaelic speaking children from other schools.

Là Spòrs

Abair Là Spòrs soirbheachail a bh’againn an-diugh. Mòran taing dha uile na pàrantan a thàinig ann airson beagan cùl-taic a thoirt gun a clann uile. Cuideachd, mòran taing agus glè mhath gun a pàrantan a ghabh pàirt anns na rèisean! Nach sibh a rinn math. Bha geama ’rounders’ againn feasgar le clas 7 an aghaidh na tidsearan. ‘S e geama sgoinneil a bh’ann agus bhuannaich na tidsear! Chòrd an latha rinn uile agus tha mi cinnteach gun cadail sinn uile gu math a-nochd.

What a successful Sports Day we had today. Many thanks to all the parents who came along to show their support for the children. Also, many thanks and well done to the parents who took part in the races! In the afternoon we had a big rounders games with P7s against the teachers. It was great fun, and the teachers actually won! We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight.

Là Spòrs


Bidh Là Spòrs againn a’ gabhail àite air Dimàirt 30mh den Chèitean, an ath sheachdain. Tòisichidh sinn aig 09:30 ‘sa mhadainn agus bidh na rèisean uile deiseil aig meadhan latha. Feumaidh a h-uile duine tighinn dhan sgoil air Dimàirt san aodach cleasachd aca. Cha bhi ùine againn airson faighinn deiseil ‘s a mhadainn mus tòisich sinn. Faodaidh pàrantan tighinn ann aig 09:30 airson coimhead air na rèisean agus air na clann aca a’ gabhail pàirt ann an spòrs eile. Bidh cuideachd rèis ann airson na pàrantan, feuch gum bi sibh deiseil airson gabhail pàirt!

The School Sports Day is taking place on Tuesday 30th May, next week. The sports day activities will be starting at 09:30 and should finish at midday. All the children must come to school wearing their PE clothes. We will not have enough time in the morning to get everyone changed before the Sports Day events start. If your child needs to use the PE clothes in the school, they must be sure to take it home with them on Monday so as to be ready for Tuesday. Parents may come along to watch the Sports day events at 09:30. There will also be a parents race after the children have competed so be sure to bring your trainers!

Banca – bìdh na Gàidhealtachd


Mòran taing dhan a h-uile duine a thug a-steach cereal no tionaichean iasg airson an seachdain agair sgoiltean aig Banca-bìdh na Gàidhealtachd. Thàinig iad an-diugh airson a bhiadh a thogail agus b’fheudar dhaibh seachd bogsaichean a chleachdadh airson am biadh air fad a thoirt air falbh!

Many thanks to all those who brought in cereal or tins of fish for the Highland Foodbank’s Schools Appeal week. Staff from the foodbank came to collect the food today and they filled seven crates with our donations! Well done, BSGI!

Co-thional  26.5.17


Seo agad na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdain seo. Nach iad a tha a’ coimhead pròiseil. Fhuair sgoilear bho clas 4 Cupa na Gàidhlig airson an te no fear a bha a’ bruidhinn deagh Ghàidhlig fad na seachdain.

Here are this week’s certificate recipients. Don’t they look proud! The Gaelic Cup was also given in Primary 4 to the girl or boy who made an effort to speak lots of Gaelic throughout the week.

An ath sheachdain

Food bank letter

Cuimnichibh gur e seachdain Agair Sgoiltean airson Banca-Bìdh na Gàidhealtachd a th’ann. Mòran taing dhan a h-uile duine a tha air biadh a thoirt a-steach mu thrath. Tha BSGI a’ cruinneachadh tionaichean tuna/bradan agus bogsaichean ‘cereal’ airson am banca-bìdh. Feuch gun toir sibh ruideigin a-steach airson am Banca-bìdh, dha na daoine ‘sa Ghàidhealtachd a dh’fheumas am biadh seo. Mòran taing.

Remember that next week is the Highland foodbank schools appeal week. Many thanks to those who have already brought in food for donation. BSGI are collecting tins of tuna/salmon and boxes of cereal. Please try to bring in something for the foodbank, for those in need of this vital food in the Highlands.

Saidheans le ‘Bodyworks’

An-dè thàinig buidheann bhon Ionad Saidheans Ghlaschu a chèilidh oirnn. Bha tòrr goireasan aca agus stuth spòrsail ri dhèanamh. Bha cothrom aig clasaichean 4-7 a dhol ann airson an stuth saidheans fheuchainn. Bha tòrr spòrs aca agus dh’ionnsaich iad uile beagan a bharrachd  mu dheidhinn saidheans agus mu ciamar a tha ar bodhaigean ag obair.

Yesterday, a group came to the school from the Glasgow Science Centre. The had lots of activities and fun experiments with them for us to try. Primaries 4-7 were all given an opportunity to try out these activities. They had great fun learning more about science and about how our bodies work. Many thanks to the Glasgow Science Centre.


Fhuair C4 agus C5 cothrom an t-seachdain seo Futsal fheuchainn. Bha tòrr spòrs aca le Mike, ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn Futsal. Tha e caran coltach ri ball-coise ach le ball a tha eadar dhealaichte.

Primary 4 and 5 had the apportunity this week to try Futsal. They had lots of fun with Mike learning about Futsal. It’s a little bit like Football but with a different kind of ball.

La bhòtaidh

Cuimhnichibh nach bi sgoil ann a-màireach (Diardaoin 4mh den Chèitean). Tha an sgoil air a chleachdadh mar stèisean  bhòtaidh.

Remember that pupils are not to come to school tomorrow (Thursday 4th May). The school is being used as a polling station.