Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi deagh laithean-saora agaibh uile! Gabh spòrs agus gabh fois.

We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday! Have fun.


Gu pàrantan C7 – To P7 parents

Gu pàrantan C7 – To P7 parents

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Primary 7 pupils and parents for the amazing Harris Tweed voucher. I am very touched by all your kindness and can’t thank you all enough for it. It has been a pleasure teaching all the children this year, and I will miss them greatly.


Miss Campbell. “

Sligheadarachd – Orienteering

Yesterday Finlay Todd came to the school to present the orienteering medals and trophies to the school.  Finlay has represented Scotland and Great Britain at orienteering, and Scotland at cross-country and  hill running.  He presented the INVOC Schools League trophy and the trophy for best primary school at the Scottish Schools.  In addition to that he presented 25 medals to the kids who had accumulated them over those two competitions!


‘S math a rinn clas 7 an aghaidh na tidsearan! Bhuannaich iad a gheama rounders feasgar an-diugh. Bha iad ag obair gu math mar sgioba agus rinn iad a chùis oirnn.

Well done P7 for beating the teachers today! The P7s and teachers  were playing against each other in a game of Rounders this afternoon. P7 did well, and worked effectively as a team!



Co-thional 22.6.18

Abair co-thional a bh’againn an-diugh! Chuala sinn clas 7 a’seinn gu sònraichte math òran a tha airson an co-thional aca air Diluain. Bha iad dìreach sgoinneil!

Chuala sinn cò bhuannaich an co-fharpais ealain airson Keir, a b’àbhaist a bhith ann an BSGI. ‘S math a rinn sibh!

Cuideachd, fhuair sgoilearan à gach class teisteansan airson tòrr diofar adhbharan. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!

What a great assembly we had today. We heard P7 singing wonderfully in preparation for their leaving assembly on Monday. They were fantastic!

We heard who the winners are in the Art competition for Keir, who was a pupil here at BSGI. Every pupil in the school drew a picture of a superhero for the competition, and Keir’s parents chose the lucky winners. Well done!

We also gave out our weekly certificates to pupils from each class. Well done to you all!

Friday 29th June

A’ Phàrant Chòir /                            Dear Parent/Carer


Tha an sgoil a’ dùnadh aig 12f air an latha mu dheireadh 29mh den t-Òg mhios 2018.

As you are aware the school closes for Summer break at 12noon Friday 29th June 2018.


Bidh lòn ann airson sgoilearan bho 11.30m ma tha iarratas ann.

The school are obliged to offer lunch, which would be served at 11.30am to those requesting it.


Lìonaibh na leanas gu h-ìosail airson do phàiste ma tha iad ag iarraidh lòn air an latha sin.

If you would like your child to have lunch please complete and return the slip below. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a lunch if the undernoted slip is not returned by 3.15pm on Friday 22nd June 2018.




Ainm CHILD NAME________________________________________           Clas CLASS____________


Sandwich Choice   HAM or CHEESE (please circle choice)


(Normal price of £2.30 for those that pay)


Co-thional 15.6.18

Seo na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile.

Bha clasaichean 1-3 aig a Mhòd, agus nach math a rinn iad uile! Bha na sgoilearan uile modhail agus gabh iad pàirt gu dòigheil le toileachas agus misneachd. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile.

Here are the pupils who received certificates this week. Well done to you all!

The pupils from P1-3 were at the Mòd, and all did very well. The pupils were well behaved, and took part happily, with confidence and enthusiasm. Well done BSGI!


BSGI Childcare Registration Form

BSGI- DD Mandate Oct 17_

BSGI Leaflet Aug 18

We are now looking at plannig our Childcare provisions for Aug 18. With that in mind, could all parents that intend to use our Childcare Services (After School Club or Breakfast Club) fill in the Child Registration Form. In addition if you could fill in the Childcare Booking Form with your requested childcare. This is from is on first come first served basis.


Furthermore, Highland Council request that all parents have payment methods in place before your child/ren can use the service, some parents already have payment methods in place and this will continue over the summer holidays or until you request to cancel your childcare placing. Enclosed you will find Childcare Payment Method Form and Direct Debit Mandate, these needs to be returned with the rest of the information to guarentee your childcare placing.


I have attached Childcare leaflet with all information regarding our Childcare Service. I would appreciate if parents could take note of our Booking and Cancellation Guidelines and please adhere to them.


Kind Regards





Margaret Jack

Childcare Manager

Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis

Sir Walter Scott Drive



Miss gu Mrs

Bha feasgar sònraichte againn an-diugh airson Miss MacLean a tha a’ pòsadh a-màireach. Bha ceilidh agus òrain againn a-muigh leis an sgoil air fad. Tòrr spòrs! Tha sinn an dòchas gun tèid cùisean gu math leibh a-màireach aig a bhanais!

We held a special afternoon celebration for Miss MacLean who is to be married tomorrow. The whole school had a ceilidh outside and sang for her. We hope that all goes well at the wedding tomorrow!

Co-thional 8.6.18


Seall air na sgoilearan a bhuannaich duaisean Là Spòrs BSGI! Nach math a rinn iad uile! Bha sinn cuideachd a’ cluintinn mu dheidhinn an sgioba sligheadarachd BSGI, a ghabh pàirt ann an co-fharpais sligheadarachd ann an Glaschu. Bhuannaich iad duais ‘Bun-sgoil as fheàrr’ anns an co-fharpais! Bha sgoiltean ann bho air feadh Alba, agus ‘s e BSGI an sgioba as fheàrr! Abair gun do rinn iad math! Bha tòrr deagh naidheachdan an t-seachdainsa. Chì sibh cuideachd anns na dealbhan na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!


Look at all the pupils who received medals for Sports day! They all did very well.

We also heard about Orienteering success this week. On Saturday 2nd June the BSGI orienteering team were in Glasgow taking part in the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival. There were schools there from all over Scotland, and BSGI won the prize for the Best Overall Team. This is the first time a team from the Highlands has ever won the competition!

We had lots to celebrate this week. You can also see in our pictures the pupils who received certificates, and the Gaelic cup went to a P3 pupil. Well done to you all! What stars we have in BSGI!

Set your compass for mini orienteering!


Mini orienteering fun day for families to raise money for Highland Cross on Sunday 10th June at Milton Woods near Farr.

Children navigate a short course through the woods, finding checkpoints and stamping their map on the way around.

There will also be home-baking for sale.

The course will be open from 10am to 2pm. Entry costs a suggested donation of £3 per child.

The benefitting charities from this year’s Highland Cross are Abriachan Forest Trust, Blythswood Care, Highland Hospice, MS Therapy Centre and Skye and Lochalsh Mental Health Association.

Find out more by visiting the webpage:

Aodach cleasachd

PE kit offer which comprises of T shirt, shorts and bag for £9.95 in school colours with school logo. Photos attached – please enclose money in an envelope addressed BSGI Office/PE Kit Offer/Name/Class by Thursday 14th June 2018 if you would like to order. Unfortunately we cannot accept further orders after this date. Further details regarding items and sizing can be obtained from:

57 Harbour Road, Inverness IV1 1UF

01463 222022

Co-thional 25.5.18

Aig co-thional an-diugh, leugh sinn stòiridh mu dheidhinn an Geàrr agus an Sligeanach. Bhruidhinn sinn mu dheidhinn ciamar a bhios sinn a’faireachdainn air Là Spòrs. Chaidh Cupa na Gàidhlig gu sgoilear ann an clas 1/2. ‘S math a rinn a h-uile duine a fhuair teisteanasan an-diugh.

At assembly today, we read the story about the Hare and the Tortoise and spoke about how we feel during Sports Day.  The Gaelic Cup went to a pupil in P1/2. Well done to all those who received certificates today.

We also heard about the success of the P7 class who have been taking part in Bike Ability.

Co-thional MrsMacVicar 18.5.18

Thill Mrs MacVicar air ais dhan sgoil an-diugh airson co-thional. Fhuair sinn cothrom seinn dhi agus cuideachd ‘Ceud mìle taing’ a ràdh rithe. Tha sinn an dòchas gun tèid gu math leatha ann an Gleann Urchadain.  Bha tòrr teisteanasan ann an t-seachdainsa agus chaidh Cupa na Gàidhlig gu sgoilear ann an clas 1. Chuala sinn cuideachd deagh naidheachdan mu dheidhinn an sgioba Iomainn, sgioba Sligheadarachd agus dannsa Gàidhealach. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!

Mrs MacVicar returned to the school today for assembly. We got a chance to say ‘Thank you’ and to sing her and to sing her favourite song as a school. We wish her all the best in Glen Urquhart Primary! We also had lots of children receiving certificates today, and the Gaelic Cup went to a P1 pupil. We heard good news achievements about the shinty club, orienteering club and about some of our Highland dancers. Well done to you all!


Due to the work we are currently doing with your school we are delighted to offer any of the children in your school the opportunity to get an ICT top either home or away for the special price of just £10 while stocks last.


2YXS (approx 3-5 years)

YXS (approx 6-8 years)                                                               YXS (approx 6-8 years)

XXS (approx 9-11 years)

XS (approx 12-14 years)                                                 XS (approx 12-14 years)


If you have any interested children please let me know and I can drop round the required sizes.


Kind regards,


Craig Masterton

Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C.

Head of Community

T: 01463 227473

Daily Courses Hotline : 01463 227458



Leugh, Sgrìobh, Cunntais

A chàirdean,


Mar phàirt de leasachadh Leugh, Sgrìobh, Cunntais tha sinn air ceisteachan goirid a chruthachadh airson beachdan phàrantan fhaighinn mu na dòighean a dh’fhaodadh sinn cur ri goireasan do phàrantan ann am foghlam tron Ghàidhlig a’ dol air adhart.


Bhithinn taingeil nam b’ urrainn dhuibh na ceanglaichean gu h-ìosal a chuir mun cuairt tro ar lìonraidhean do phàrantan aig a bheil clann ann am foghlam tron Ghàidhlig.  Bidh na ceisteachain fosgailte gu Dimàirt 29 Cèitean.


As part of the development of Read, Write, Count we have compiled a short questionnaire to get parents’ views on the ways we can contribute to the resources available to GME parents.


I would be grateful if you could share the below links through your networks to parents who have children in Gaelic medium education.  The questionnaires will be open until Tuesday 29 May.


Gàidhlig –

English –


Le dùrachd,




Ruaraidh Mac an t-Saoir | Ruaraidh MacIntyre

Oifigear Plana Gàidhlig | Gaelic Plan Officer

Weekend of Gaelic events for Families : 2nd & 3rd June in Aberfeldy

With the great success of last years’ Horo Gheallaidh Obar Pheallaidh – a weekend of Gaelic events in Aberfeldy. Comunn nam Parant have arranged another weekend this June packed full of events including circus skills, ceilidh at Menzies Castle, orienteering skills workshop , and a screening of Song of the Sea at the cinema….. ALL in GAELIC…..


For more info see link below!

Co-thional 11.5.18


Seo na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh! Bhuannaich C4 an Cupa airson an ‘cloakroom’ as sgiobalta.

Cuideachd, sheinn C1 òran ann an co-thional an-diugh, agus gabh na clasaichean eile pàirt cuideachd às dèidh rann no dhà.


Here are the pupils who won certificates this week. Well done to you all! P4 won the trophy for the tidiest cloakroom.

P1 sang a song for us at assembly today, and the other classes also managed to join in after a verse or two.

Big Fish Little Fish

Inverness family fun

Good afternoon,

My name is Kirstie and I am the Regional Manager of Scotland, running multi award family events called Big Fish Little Fish. We call our events ‘family raves’ – they are essentially festival feel events held in the afternoon, with DJs and music catering for the parents (but child-friendly), whilst also offering crafting and play activities for the children.

We try to make them truly fun events for all the family to enjoy.  We were lucky enough to be awarded winner of ‘Best Family Event’ 4 years in a row at the Family Arts Festival awards, and ‘Best Family Entertainment’ for the 2018 Hoop Awards.

We launched at Ironworks in Inverness in February to sell out success and are returning next week on 20 May.


Là nan Gaisgich agus Roddy Riddle

Abair latha a bh’againn an-diugh airson Là nan Gaisgich. Bha na sgoilearan agus an luchd-obrach a’ coimhead sgoinneil ‘sna deisean aca. Thàinig Roddy Riddle a-steach a bhruidhinn rinn aig co-thionnal agus chuala sinn mu dheidhinn na rudan sònraichte, mìorbhaileach a tha air a dhèanamh. Dh’innse e cuideachd mu dheidhinn a bhith beo, agus a’cumail air a’ dol le rèisean agus spòrs, le tinneas an t-siùcar air. Abair stòiridh, abair duine agus abair gaiseach!

What a great day we’ve had for Superhero day! The pupils and staff looked excellent in their outfits! Roddy Riddle also came into assembly to talk to us about his life and all the wonderful, inspiring things he’s done. He also told about his diabetes diagnosis and how he managed  his diabetes whilst racing and taking part in sporting events. What a story, what a man and what a superhero!

Co-thional 27.4.18


Bha co-thional gu math iongantach againn an-diugh! Thàinig Thor agus Spiderman airson èisteachd ri òran BSGI mu dheidhinn Gaisgich Òg na Gàidhlig. Bhai ad cuideachd ag innse dhuinn mu dheidhinn latha sònraichte a bhios ann an ath sheachdain, Là nan Gaisgeach airson MFR Cash for Kids. Chuala sinn mu dheidhinn na Dannsairean Gàidhealach a bha a’ gabhail pàirt ann an deuchainn dannsa an t-seachdain seo. ‘S math a rinn sibh!

Seo agaibh cuideachd na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan agus Cupa na Gàidhlig an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math sibh uile!

We had a rather surprising assembly today. Thor and Spiderman came to BSGI to hear our song about being Young Gaelic Heroes, and to tell us about MFR Superhero day next week in aid of Cash for Kids. We also heard about the Highland dancers who did their medal exams this week. Well done!

Here are the pupils who received certificates and the Gaelic Cup this week. Well done to you all!

Superhero day

Fèill Bèicearachd C3

Abair cèicean a bh’againn an-diugh! ‘S math a rinn clas 3 airson Fèill Bèicearachd ullachadh. Tha cèicean air fhàgail, ‘s mar sin  faodaidh sgoilearan cèicean a cheannach a-màireach cuideachd.

What a great bake sale today! Well done to P3 for organising a Bake sale fundraiser. There are still some cakes left, meaning that the pupils may also bring money into school tomorrow for the bake sale.

Co-thional 20.4.18

Seo agaibh na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile! Bha sinn cuideachd a’ seinn òran a sgrìobh Comhairle nan Sgoilearan mu dheidhinn BSGI agus Gaisgich Òg na Gàidhlig. Bhruidhinn Mrs Walker rinn uile mu dheidhinn dè tha e a’ ciallachadh a bhith nar gaisgich Gàidhlig.

Here are the pupils who received certificates this week. Well done to you all! We were also singing the song written by the P7 pupils in the Pupil Council Committee about being Young Gaelic Heroes. Mrs Walker also spoke to us all about what it means to be Gaelic heroes/ambassadors.


P4-7 BSGI Basketball Summer term

P4-7 BSGI Basketball Summer term

Dear Parents/Carers


Please print and return the attached application if you would like your child to attend the next block of Highlife Highland Basketball sessions at BSGI.


Contact details if you have any questions are noted on the application form.


Kind regards,


Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Inbhir Nis

Sir Walter Scott Drive




01463 725980


Seo agaibh na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdain seo. Cuideachd, bha sinn a’ seinn na h-òrain airson seirbheis na Càisg an ath sheachdain.

Chuala sinn cuideachd à clas 7 mun turas sgoile aca. Abair tòrr spòrs a bha aca.

Here are this week’s certificate winners. We were also rehearsing for the Easter Service next week.

We also heard from Primary 7 about their school residential trip. What fun they had!