We would like to tell you about a new wildlife education club we have recently set up for young people aged 10-15 in the Inverness area. The club is called “Inverness Wildlife Watch” and is a junior branch of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, also affiliated with Highlife Highland. Our next meeting is taking place next Monday evening (26 Feb) and we would be really grateful if you could advertise the club on your school website or elsewhere within the school. We’ve included a short text below that could be posted on your News page or similar. If you would also be able to share the attached poster (either digitally or by posting up around school) that would be fantastic.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you so much for your help.

Willow May, Andy McMahon and Philippa Gullett


Want to learn more about the wildlife around you? Love the outdoors? Want to meet other likeminded young people?

Come along to Inverness Wildlife Watch club!
Our next meeting is Monday 26 Feb at Millburn Academy, 6.30-8.00 pm and is absolutely FREE!

This month is all about bugs – make your own pooter and come on a torchlit minibeast hunt!

Find us on facebook @invernesswildlifewatch or email

See you there!



An-diugh aig co-thional, dh’ionnsaich sinn beagan den òran a sgrìobh buidheann Comhairle nan Sgoilearan mu Amasan BSGI. Cuideachd chuala sinn mu Là Mòr na Leabhraichean a tha air a chiad latha den Mhàirt. ‘S math a rinn a h-uile duine a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdain seo, agus dha clas a h-aon a fhuair duais airson ‘Cloakroom’ sgiobalta.

Today at assembly, we started learning the song that the Pupil Council wrote about our BSGI aims. We also heard about World Book Day, which is taking place on the 1st March. Well done to all those who won certificates this week, and to P1 for winning the prize for the tidiest cloakroom.


Information from Inverness Botanic Gardens


Here at Inverness Botanic Gardens we are pleased to announce the launch of our JUNIOR BOTANY CLUB to which children aged 8-12, interested in all things botanical, are welcome.

The first meeting will be on SATURDAY 17TH MARCH 2018 from 10.30-12.30 at Inverness Botanic Gardens and then monthly until October 2018.

Places are limited so we ask everyone to please contact the office at the Botanics for a booking form.


If any staff or parents would like more information about the Junior Botany Club, or what the Botanics can offer schools generally, please do get in touch.


Please email or phone 01463 713553


Many thanks

Toni Clark

Events Co-ordinator

La Mor nan Leabhraichean/World Book Day

Chaidh litir dhachaigh ag innse dhuibh mu Là Mòr nan Leabhraichean.  Bidh e air Diardaoin 1d am Màrt.  Bidh tòrr tachartasan a gabhail àite san sgoil air an latha.  ‘S e na prìomh rudan ri cuimhneachadh gum faodar aodach breige a’ chur orra, tha cuireadh ann do phàrantan tighinn dhan Bracaist Leughaidh againn agus tha cuideachd co-fharpais Bogsa Sgeulachd ann.

Tha an litir leis am fiosrachadh air fad ceangailte gu h-ìosal. 

A letter with information about World Book Day was sent home today.  World Book Day will be on Thursday the 1ST of March.  There will be lots of different events happening in the school throughout the day.  The main things to remember are that the pupils can come to school dressed up as their favourite character from a book, parents are invited to our Reading Breakfast and there is also a Storybox competition.

The letter with all the information is linked below


Co-thional 8.2.18

An-diugh aig co-thional chuala sinn à Comhairle nan Sgoilearan. Tha iad air a bhith trang a’ sgrìobhadh òrain a tha ag innse mu amasan na sgoile. Thagh na sgoilearan air fad dè an òran as fheàrr. ‘S math a rinn buidheann clas 7 le òran gu math spòrsail. Bidh sinn uile ga ionnsachadh san àm ri teachd.

Seo na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan an t-seachdain seo. Fhuair sgoilear ann an clas 4 Cupa na Gàidhlig, agus bhuannaich clas 1/2 ‘Cloakroom’ as fheàrr. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!

Today at assembly we heard from the Pupil Council. They have been busy writing songs about the aims and visions of BSGI. The school pupils voted for their favourite song. Well done to the P7 Pupil council group for winning with their fun and catchy song. The whole school will be learning this song over the next few weeks/months.

Here are pictures of the pupils who won certificates this week. A Primary 4 pupil received the Gaelic Cup, and the tidiest cloakroom award went to Primary 1/2. Well done to you all!

Co-thional 2.2.18

Seo agaibh na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan agus Cupa na Gàidhlig an t-seachdain seo. ‘S math a rinn clas 3 airson Cupa Na ‘Cloakrooms’ a bhuannachadh a-rithist cuideachd. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!

Here are the pupils who received certificates and the Gaelic Cup this week. Also, well done to Primary 3 for winning the Cup for tidiest Cloakroom again. Well done to you all!

Co-thional 26.1.17

Seo agaibh na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan na seachdaine. Bha Cupa na Gàidhlig a’ dol gu balach ann an clas 2/3 an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!
Here are the pupils who received certificates this week. The Gaelic Cup went, this week, to a boy in P2/3. Well done to you all!

Cuimhnichibh is èist ri Radio nan Gàidheil a-màireach aig meadhan latha airson clas 7 a chluinntinn!

Remember and listen to Radio nan Gàidheil tomorrow at midday to hear P7!

Abair deagh Là Burns

Abair latha a bh’againn an-diugh, a’ cuimhneachadh air Raibeart Burns. Bha clas 7 a’ cluich ionnsramaidean, a’ seinn òrain, a’ leughadh bàrdachd agus a’ cuideachadh le dìnnearan sgoile. ‘S math a rinn sibh. Bhiodh Raibeart gu math pròiseil!

What a wonderful Burns celebration we had today. Primary 7 have been very busy making preparations! They played in the Haggis, sang Burns songs, recited his poems, as well as helping to serve the other classes their Burns lunches. Well done, P7. We’re sure Rabbie would’ve been proud!

Là Burns


Air an 25mh den Fhaoilleach bidh na taghaidhean airson dìnnearan sgoile ag atharrachadh. Faodaidh na sgoilearan taghadh eadar cearc ròsta no haggis (bidh haggis glasraich ann airson clann nach eil ag ithe feòil). Tha litir air a dhol dhachaigh mu dheidhinn. Feumaidh sibh na litrichean a thilleadh dhan sgoil.

Please be advised that the school menu on Thursday 25th January has changed. The options will be Roast Chicken or Haggis. The vegetarian option that day will be Vegetarian Haggis (available to vegetarian’s only). A note to be returned to school has been handed out.


Fàilte air ais!


Fàilte air ais! Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh deagh laithean-saora agaibh uile, agus gu bheil sibh deiseil agus deònach airson tèirm trang, spòrsail!

Welcome back! We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday, and that the children are all ready for a busy, fun-filled term!

Cameron house

Cameron house

Bha buidheann à clas 7 aig Cameron house an-diugh a’ seinn dha na daoine a tha fuireach an sin. ‘S math a rinn iad!

A group of Primary 7 children went to Cameron house care home today to sing for the residents, to bring some Christmas cheer! They did very well.


Clas 6

Bidh stàil aig clas 6 a-màireach a’ cruinneachadh airgead airson an SSPCA. Faodaidh clan beagan airgead a thoirt a-steach airson an stàil.

Primary 6 are running a stall tomorrow to raise some money for the SSPCA. Pupils may bring in some money for the stall, if they would like.

Clas 7


‘S math a rinn clas 7 an t-seachdain seo chaidh. Bha iad a’ seinn agus a’ cuideachadh le bagannan a lìonadh ann an Asda. Chrunnaich iad £320!

Well done to the P7 children last week. They were singing and bag packing in Asda. They managed to raise £320!


Mòran taing do Fèisean na Gàidheal airson tighinn dhan sgoil a shealtainn dhuinn am ‘Panto’, Anna Bheag a’ Chòta Dheirg. Bha e sgoinneil, agus chòrd e rinn uile!

Many thanks to Fèisean nan Gàidheal for coming to the school to perform their Christmas Panto. It was excellent, and thoroughly enjoyed by both pupils and staff!

Karate BSGI

‘S math a rinn muinntir Karate BSGI! Tha sinn air fiosrachadh fhaighinn bhon tidsear karate ag innse dhuinn deagh naidheachd mu sgoilearan BSGI.

Well done to BSGI Karate club. We received the information below from the Karate teacher, letting us know how well the BSGI karate pupils are doing.

Andrew Sloss was awarded BSGI Karate Club Student of the year 2017

Finlay Cameron was awarded Top NEW BSGI Student for 2017.

The majority of students graded last week and all showed great progress and very good Karate spirit.

Consairtean na Nollaig clas 1-3

‘S math a rinn clasaichean 1 gu 3 an-diugh aig na consairtean Nollaig aca. Bha iad uile a’ seinn gu math agus a’ gabhail spòrs. Mòran taing dha na pàrantan agus teaghlaichean a thàinig ann airson am faicinn.

Well done to primaries 1 to 3 for their performances in the Christmas concerts today. The pupils all sang very well, and enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to all those who came along today to support the children.

Fèill agus Dìnneir Nollaige

Mòran taing dhan a h-uile duine a thàinig dhan fhèill Nollaig an-diugh. Abair sìde a bh’againn air a shon!

Bha dìnneir Nollaige againn air Diardaoin cuideachd. Seo agaibh dealbhan de na sgoilearan a’ gabhail spòrs agus ag ithe na dìnnearan aca.

Many thanks to those who came to the Christmas fair today, and battled through the weather.

We had our school Christmas lunch on Thursday. Here are some pictures of the pupils enjoying their lunch and having some fun.


Banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis

Thàinig Lorna a bhruidhinn rinn an-diugh mu dheidhinn Banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis. Chuala sinn gu bheil mu 6000 daoine ann a tha a’ cleachdadh banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis. Tha an sgoil a’ cruinneachadh biadh aig an fèill Nollaig agus cuideachd an ath sheachdain airson toirt seachad gu banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis. Tha iad gu h-àraid feumach air rus, tionaichean hama agus measan, crogain sabhs pasta, cofaidh, bainne UHT, sùgh orains no ubhal agus pàipear taigh-bheag. Fiù’s nan robh gach sgoilear a’ toirt a-steach aon rud, bhiodh tòrr againn airson toirt gu daoine ‘sa choimhearsnachd aig nach eil mòran airgead airson biadh a cheannach. Mòran taing!


Lorna from the Highland food bank came to speak to us today. She told us that around 6000 people use the Inverness food bank every year. The school is collecting food at the Christmas fair and also next week, to give to the food bank. They are particularly short of rice, tinned ham and tinned fruit, pasta sauce, coffee, UHT milk, fruit juice, crackers and toilet paper. If each child was to even give one item from this list, we would have a great number of things to donate to our community this Christmas. Many thanks.

Banca-bìdh na Gàidhealtachd

Poster 221117

Am bliadhna, bidh BSGI a-rithist a’ cruinneachadh biadh airson banca-bìdh na Gàidhealtachd. Tha tòrr dhaoine ‘s a choimhearsnachd againn aig nach eil mòran biadh, agus a tha a’ cleachdadh banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis gu math tric. Tha sinne airson cruinneachadh a dhèanamh san sgoil airson beagan a thoirt air ais dhan choimhearsnachd, gu h-àraid aig an àm a tha seo den bhliadhna. Seo agaibh an stuth a tha banca-bìdh na Gàidhealtachd ag iarraidh. Bidh cuideachd bòrd ann air latha an fhèill Nollaige airson biadh a chruinneachadh, faodhaidh sibh a thoirt a-steach air an latha sin, no dhan oifis air latha sam bith eile. Mòran taing!

This year, BSGI will again be collecting food for the Highland Foodbank. Many people in our community rely on the foodbanks, and use them frequently. We would like to give something back to the community, and will therefore be asking for food donations that we can send to the food bank. It is particularly upsetting at this time of year to know that many families are struggling to feed themselves. The foodbank has sent a list of items they particularly need at this time. We will be accepting donations in the office, but will also be setting up a food donations stall at the Christmas fair on 8th December. Many thanks in advance!

BSGI – 10!

Air an 10mh den t-Samhain, bha oidhche air leth sònraichte againn aig BSGI. Bha partaidh againn airson an 10mh co-là-breith aig BSGI. Mòran taing dhan a h-uile duine a bha ann, a ghabh pàirt, agus a chuidich air an oidhche. Seo agaibh cuid de na dealbhan bhon oidhche.

On the 10th of November, BSGI held a very special evening of celebration. We had a party to celebrate 10 years of BSGI. Many thanks to all those who came along, who took part, and helped make the night a great one. Here are some of the photos from the evening.

Òrain Nollaig

orain communal

Seo agaibh faclan airson na h-òrain a bhios an sgoil air fad a’ seinn còmhla aig na consairtean Nollaig. Bhiodh e feumail leughadh thairis orra le do phàist.

Here are the words for the songs that the whole school will be singing together at the Christmas concerts. It would be useful for you to go over the words with your child/children.

Co-thional 24.11.17

Seo agaibh na sgoilearan a fhuair teisteanasan an t-seachdian seo. ‘S math a rinn sibh! Thug Mrs MacLaren seachad teisteanas sònraichte airson an sgoilearan as fheàrr air ruith mìle gach madainn. Sin thu fhèin!

Here are the pupils who received certificates this week. Well done! Mrs MacLaren also gave a special certificate to a pupil who is always happy to take part in the morning mile run, and who is an excellent runner. Great effort!

Co-thional 3.11.17

An-diugh aig co-thional chuala sinn cuid de na bardaich a sgrìobh na clasaichean agus sgoilearan mu dheidhinn BSGI agus an 10mh co-là-breith againn. Bha iad dìreach sgoinneil!  ‘S math a rinn sibh uile. Seo agaibh cuideachd na sgoilearan a bhuannaich teisteanasan. Glè mhath.

Today, in assembly we heard from some of the children who have been writing poems about BSGI and our 10 year anniversary. The poems were brilliant! Well done to you all. Some of these poems will be read at the 10 year anniversary celebration next Friday.

Here are also the certificate winners for this week. Well done!

Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal

Thàinig Rona a bhruidhinn ri na sgoilearan an-diugh à Blythswood mu dheidhinn an ‘Shoe box appeal’.  Bha e gu math inntinneach na daoine fhaicinn a bhios a’ faighinn bogsa à Blythswood, agus na suidheachaidhean uabhasach anns a bheil iad. Tha sinn an dòchas gum faigh sinn tòrr bogsaichean bho BSGI airson toirt gu Blythswood. Feumaidh na bogsaichean a bhith a-steach ron 15mh den t-Samhain. Mòran taing.

Rona from Blythswood came to speak to the children today about the Shoe box appeal. It was very interesting finding out about the people who receive a shoe box and to hear about the awful situations that some of these people are in. We hope that BSGI can donate lots of boxes to the Shoe box appeal this year to provide for these vulnerable people. The shoe boxes need to be brought into the school before the 15th of November. Many thanks.

Co-thional 27.10.17

Seo agaibh na sgoilearan bho C1-3 a bhuannaich na teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. Chuala sinn cuideachd bho cuid a bha aig a’ Mhòid a bha a’ seinn agus a’ dèanamh bàrdachd. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile airson gabhail pàirt.

Here are the certificate winners from P1-3 for this week. We also heard some lovely singing and poetry reading from some children who took part in the National Mòd last week. Well done to all who took part.

Amasan na Sgoile/Vision, Values and Aims revisited!

Mission Statement EnglishMission Statement GaelicPupil Council have looked at our Vision, Values and Aims and have come up with a song which encapsulates what the Aims of the school are, taking into account the following statements, which were adopted last year:

Vision, Aims and Values of Bunsgoil Ghàidhlig Inbir Nis:

  1. A stimulating school community where everyone is valued
  2. Encourage a climate of Gaelic language and culture
  3. Provide opportunities to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors
  4. Motivate children through stimulating learning experiences
  5. Celebrate achievement and personal success
  6. Foster strong home school links
  7. Engage with other schools and the wider community
  8. Encourage a climate of positive behaviour and respect for all

The winning song, written by Primary 7’s Charlie, Ailsa, Katie and Campbell, was chosen at assembly –well done also to the P6 group who were runners-up in the competition.

Amasan BSGI

A Ghàidhlig sa chultair

Gaisgich òg na Gàidhlig

Gaisgich òg

Gaisgich òg na Gàidhlig


Coibhneas, dòchas

Spòrs gu leor

Gaisgich òg

Gaisgich òg na Gàidhlig


Deònach air obair

Aig sgoil agus taigh

Gaisgich òg

Gaisgich òg na Gàidhlig

Ann am Bun Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis



Gaelic and its culture

Young Gaelic Heroes

Young Heroes

Young Gaelic Heroes


Kindness and hope

Plenty fun

Young Heroes

Young Gaelic Heroes


Willing to work

In school and at home

Young Heroes

Young Gaelic Heroes

In Bun-Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis


The Primary 7’s are now going to teach the song to the whole school at tomorrow’s Assembly. Ask  your child to sing the song for you!

We would be happy to receive your comments or suggestions on the children’s attempts to encapsulate the Aims of the school.

Sgoil-àraich/Nursery Enrolment

We are now enrolling for Nursery for session 2018/19. If your child is born between 1st March 2014 and 29th February 2016 they are entitled to a funded Early Learning and Childcare place.  If you are interested in your child being educated through the medium of Gaelic and would like to know a bit more, please get in touch with us on Inverness 725980.  We would be happy to answer your queries.

Mòran taing

JRSO C1-3 5.2.18

Bha sinne ag ionnsachadh mu ciamar a bhios sinn a’ coiseachd tarsainn na rathaid gu sàbhailte. Rinn sinn solais-trafaig agus daoine trafaig airson ar n-ionnsachadh a shealltainn. Cuimhnichibh na solais trafaig a chleachdadh nuair a tha sibh a’ coiseachd dhan sgoil!

In our committee group we were discussing the different ways of crossing a road safely. We made traffic lights and traffic people to show our learning. Remember to use the traffic lights when you’re walking to school!