Jeans for Genes Day

Tha Clas 4 an dùil latha ‘Jeans for Genes’ a’ dhèanamh air Dihaoine an 5mh latha den Damhair airson airgead a thogail.

Bu choir a h-uile phàist briogais ‘jeans’ a chuir orra agus airgead a thoirt a-staigh air an latha suid.

Bi iad cuideachd a dèanamh braisdean leis an sgoile air fad, so tha iad feumach air seann ‘jeans’, an cuir sibh iad dhan sgoil ro laimh.

Airson tuilleadh fiosrachaidh air obair Jeans for Genes coimhead air

Jeans for Genes Day raises money for Genetic Disorders UK, the charity that aims to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders. Funds raised provide vital care and support for thousands of children with genetic disorders.

P4 are inviting all  children and staff to wear their jeans on Friday 5th October so please send your child into school on the Day wearing their jeans and with a donation.

On Jeans for Genes Day P4 will lead badge making sessions for which we’d appreciate any old jeans/denim(handed in before the day)


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