A Chrois Dhearg / Red Cross Day

Seall air na bha sinn a’ deanamh agus ag ionnsachadh…..

Look at our Red Cross Day activities.  We had lots of fun learning about first aid and well done to our poster competition winners too. Thog sinn £85 airson A Chrois Dhearg. We raised £85 for the Red Cross.

Taing dha Mgr Karikas agus a chairdean (agus Peter!) a chuidich sinn seo a chur air doigh.

Thank you to Mr Karikas and his friends (and Peter!) who helped us organise a great event.STA72813 STA72814 STA72815 STA72816 STA72817 STA72818 STA72819 STA72820 STA72821 STA72822 STA72823 STA72824 STA72825 STA72826 STA72827 STA72828 STA72829 STA72830 STA72831 STA72832 STA72833 STA72834 STA72835 STA72836 STA72837 STA72838 STA72839 STA72840 STA72841 STA72842 STA72843 STA72844 STA72845 STA72846 STA72847 STA72848 STA72849 STA72850 STA72851 STA72852 STA72853 STA72854 STA72855 STA72856 STA72857 STA72858 STA72859 STA72860 STA72861 STA72862 STA72863 STA72864 STA72865 STA72866 STA72867 STA72868


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