Abair thusa gun robh taibhsean agus daoine eagalach air cheilidh oirnn ann am BSGI a-nochd! Bha spòrs gu leòr ann le geamanan agus dannsa. Mòran taing Comhairle nam Pàrant, pàrantan a chuidich seo a chur air doigh agus an luchd obrach a chuidich cuideachd.

There were plenty of ghosts and ghouls floating around BSGI tonight! What a lot of fun the children had! Lots of freaky dancing and games with facepainting, wounds, ice cream and Halloween treats to enjoyed.  A big thank you to our Parent Council for organising a fantastic fundraiser and to all our parents and staff who helped out too.

Mrs Walker.

A bheil sibh ag aithneachadh duine a seo? Recognise anyone?!

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