Duais: Innleachdas ann am Foghlam Gàidhlig – le taic bho Fhoghlam na h-Alba
Duais airson luchd-foghlaim no oileanaich as fheàrr a chuireas an cèill beachdan-smuain innleachdail agus a nochdas dìoghras ann a bhith lìbhrigeadh foghlam Gàidhlig. Faodaidh an duais seo a bhith airson ìre sam bith, bho ro-sgoil gu foghlam àrd-ìre.

Innovation in Education Award
Sponsored by Education Scotland

For the service providers or students showing the best ideas and commitment to delivering Gaelic education. This could be at any level from pre-school to higher education.

‘S math a rinn Mrs MacVicar & Clas 4/5 an uiridh – chaidh na leabhraichean reasabaidh a chruthaich iad  am moladh airson duais!

Well done Mrs MacVicar and last year’s Primary 4/5 – they have been nominated for the above award for their receipe books!

We look forward to hearing how you get on!



About Bunsgoil Ghaidhlig Inbhir Nis

Inverness Gaelic School

2 responses »

  1. MA Davidson says:

    ‘s math a rinn iad. Well deserved nomination, after all the hard work that was put into it behind the scenes. Look forward to hearing the final results.

  2. Mrs Nicholson says:

    Abair urram. ‘S math a rinn sibh!

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