Ma tha sibh air litir a thilleadh ag ràdh gu bheil sibh a’ dol dhan Fhèis Ciùil, bu choir gu bheil ar pàist air litir fhaighinn ag innse mu cuin a bhios iadsan tighinn. Tha sinn air a bhith a’ cuir air dòigh clàr-àma a tha dol le amannan freagarrach airson na tidsearan. Dh’fheuch sinn ri uairean a chuir air dòigh a bha freagarrach dhuibh uile agus tha sinn duilich mur eil. Tha sinn air latha eile a chuir air dòigh air 1 am Màrt san sgoil. Tha sinn airson gum faigh ar pàist’ cothrom oideachadh fhaighinn bho dhaoin’ eile air an latha.

If you have sent in a form stating you wish help from Club G, your child should have had a letter telling when they will receive that help.  All the P1-3 children (and a few P4-7) will be on Monday in the room beside Mrs Nicholsons. The sessions on Monday will start February 3rd Feb.

 The rest of the children in P4-7 will all receive their tuition on Wednesdays starting next Wednesday (29th January). The singing tuition will take place in the community room with Mrs Barker with the poetry competitions taking place at 1.30 and 3.15 in Mrs MacIver’s classroom. They should have had a copy of the poems they should be learning by now. Unfortunately, due to copyright we are unable to provide copies of the music. If anyone has not seen the prescribed pieces for singing, they are available in the Mod Office in Balnain House, Huntly Street.

 Please remember that there will also be a further practice day on the 1st march in the school where children can receive more individual tuition and perhaps access to a different tutor.

 Le dùrachd

C MacNeil, J MacIver


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