Aileag air a-maireach

Bìdh ath-chraoladh dhe am prògram Aileag a thàinig bho BSGI air Dihaoine aig 4f agus a-rithist Disathairne. Mar a sgrìobh Joanna MacMinn bho BBC Gàidhlig:
“’S e prògram air leth a bh’ann agus tha sinn air tòrr feedback fhaighinn air ais le cho math ‘s a chòrd e ri daoine.”
There will be a repeat of ‘Aileag’ on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal this Friday at 4pm and again on Saturday. The programme was recorded at the school and is presented and run by the pupils. As Joanna MacMinn from the BBC wrote:
“It was a fantastic programme and we have received a lot of feedback from people telling us how much they enjoyed it.”
We hope you get a chance to listen in.


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