Blogaichean ùr

Tha blog Clas 7 a-nis deiseil airson luchd-tadhail! Feuch gun toir sibh sùil air: 
(Tha ceangal-lìn air a shon air taobh ceart an duilleag seo cuideachd)

A bharrachd air sin, tha blogaichean ùra eile againn bho na sgoilearan a tha an sàs anns a’ bhuidheann ‘blogadh’. Seo na seòlaidhean-lìn aca:

Blog Geamannan:
Blog cur-seachadan/pearsanta:
Blog Dràgonan:
Blog Geamannan Coimpiutair:
Blog Dannsa/Lùth-chleasachd:

Feuch gun toir sibh sùil orra agus carson nach fàg sibh teachdaireachd dhaibh?

Primary 7’s class blog is now ready for visitors – have a look! It will keep you updated on their goings-on.
Find it here:
(or, alternatively, click on the link to the right of this page).

There are also some new blogs created by our very own Blog Club pupils who meet every Friday. Have a look by clicking on the links above and why not leave them a wee message? They’d love some positive feedback. 


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