Andy MacKechnie – Street Jammin’

Thàinig Andy MacKechnie a-steach air Diluain an 18mh den Chèitean airson dànnsa Street Jammin’ a dhèanamh. Chaidh an sgoil gu lèir dhan tàlla chiad rud sa mhadainn agus an uairsin fhuair gach clas agus an sgoil-àraich cothrom dànnsa a dhèanamh còmhla ris. Cuideachd chaidh Clas 4-7 a-muigh airson beagan dànnsa a dhèanamh san raon-cluich. Chòrd e rinn glan agus tha sinn an dòchas gun till Andy a dh’aithghearr airson barrachd dànns is spòrs!

Andy MacKechnie came in on Monday 18th May to do some Street Jammin’ dancing with us. The whole school went to the hall first thing and then each class and the nursery all had an opportunity to do some dancing with Andy. P4-7 also went out to do some Street Jammin’ in the playground at lunchtime. We all really enjoyed it and we hope that Andy will come back soon for more dancing and fun!

Andy MacKechnie 2

Andy MacKechnie 3

Andy MacKechnie 4

Andy MacKechnie 5

Andy MacKechnie 6

Andy MacKechnie


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