partaidh purpaidh 1

Dihaoine 12 an t-Òg Mhìos 2015/ Friday 12th June 2015

Tha Comhairle nan Sgoilearan a’ cur air dòigh partaidh sònraichte airson airgead a chruinneachadh do Alzheimer Scotland. Tha sgoilearan clas a 7 air a bhith a tadhal air Cameron House gach seachdain mar phàirt de pròiseact. Bha Comhairle nan Sgoilearan ag’ iarraidh mothachadh a thogail agus airgead a chruinneachadh airson an carthannais air sgàths an ceangail seo. Bidh cothrom aig gach clas a dhol gu ‘teaparty’ purpaidh far am faodar bèicearachd a cheannach. Faodaidh a chlann aodach purpaidh a chuir orra dhan sgoil.

Bhiodh sinn fada nur comain nam bhiodh sibh deònach bèicearachd a dhèanamh airson an latha seo.


The pupil council have organised a special Purple Teaparty for P1 to P7 to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland. Primary 7 pupils have been visiting Cameron House Care Home weekly as part of a project. The project aims to increase the wellbeing of the residents and to help the youngsters develop their Gaelic and social skills. The Pupil Council wanted to raise awareness and money for the charity as a result of this project. Each class will have the opportunity to attend the teaparty where they will be able to buy some baking. They can also come to school dressed in purple.

We would be very grateful for any donations of baking for the fundraising teaparty.


Gu math thèid leibh.

Còmhairle nan Sgoilearan B.S.G.I


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