Bogsaichean-Bròg Blythswood


Bidh sinn a’ cruinneachadh bogsaichean-bròg airson Blythswood a-rithist am bliadhnasa. Gheibh sibh bileag-fiosrachail dhachaigh airson innse dhuibh dè seòrsa stuth a dh’fhaodadh sibh cuir dhan bhogsa agaibh ma tha sibh airson bogsa a dhèanamh. Cuimhnich agus cuir pàipear Nollaig air a’ bhogsa fhèin agus air a’ mhullach agus ceangail iad le bann-elastic. Airson tuilleadh fiosrachadh bruth air a’ cheangail gu h-iosal.

We will be collecting shoeboxes for Blythswood again this year. You will get a leaflet home with information about what kind of things you can put into your box if you want to do one. Remember to put Christmas wrapping paper on the box itself and on the lid separately and put an elastic band round it to keep it together. This is so that the boxes can all be checked at customs. For more information, please click the link below.!shoebox-appeal/ccuw


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