Tha sinn feumach ortsa! We need YOU!

Tha latha comhairle nam parantan dol a bhith ann aig an sgoil air Disathairne an 3mh den Damhair. Bidh sinn a’coinneachadh aig an sgoil airson beagan sgioblachadh a dheanamh anns a gharradh agus airson sean aodach sgoile a thoirt gu parantan agus sgoilearan eile. Tha sinn feumach air daoine a bhios deonach cuideachadh anns a gharradh. Chi sinn ann sibh!

The school parent council are having a ‘Groundforce’ day in BSGI on Saturday 3rd of October. They will be meeting in the school to do some tidying up of the garden and playground area. They also encourage you to bring in unused BSGI school uniforms for a swap shop so that other pupils can use any unwanted items of school uniform you may have. Tea, coffee and bacon rolls will be on offer to keep all the keen gardeners going. We’ll see you there!


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