Seall air Blog Clas 1! C1 Blog gets most hits!

Choimhead na Blogairean air na Stats aig na blogs. Chunnaic sinn gun robh Blog Clas 1 a’ faighinn 545 hits anns Am Faoilleach! Thug sinn duais dhaibh. 

Our Bloggers took a look at the stats for each class blog. We saw that P1 Blog had the most hits January. We gave them a prize for doing so well.

Seo Mrs MacLeod a’ faighinn an duais bhuainn. Here is Mrs MacLeod accepting the prize from our Committee. 2na aite C5 271 agus 3bh aite C3 197. 

Feuch gum bidh sibh a’ coimhead air na blogs againn. Look at the links above and click on ‘Clasaichean’ to find your child’s class blog. Help them win next time!

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