Bha bangaid aig clas 1 agus clas 1/2 an- de. Chuir iad orra dreasaichean agus aodach airson a bhith mar righ. Rinn clas 1 rollaichean agus bha briosgaidean agus sugh aca. Bha crun aig a h-uile duine agus bha seithear soraichte aca cuideachd.’Se ridirean a th’annda  a-nis.

Class 1 and class 1/2 had a banquet yesterday. The girls put on dresses and the boys wore capes. P1 made scones and bread and they had it along with biscuits and juice as well. They all wore a crown and they also had their own  special chair. Now they are all proper princes and princesses!

Nach eil iad a coimhead sgoineil!

Don’t they look excellent!


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