Banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis

Mòran taing dhan a h-uile duine a thug a-steach biadh airson banca-bìdh Inbhir Nis. Fhuair sinn teisteanas air ais bhuapa ag innse gun do chruinnich sinn 225kg de bhiadh airson am banca-bìdh. Tha sin coltach ri 560 tionaichean de bhiadh no fui’s coltach ri cuideam gorilla! Nach sinn a rinn math. Mòran taing!

Many thanks to everyone who brought in donations for the Highland Food Bank. We received a certificate from them this week letting us know that we managed to collect 225kg of food for the food bank. That is equivalent to around 560 tins of food or even equivalent to the weight of an Eastern Lowland Gorilla! We did very well. Many thanks again!


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