Pets as Therapy – Read2Dogs

Thàinig Ruth bho Read2Dogs a chèilidh oirnn air Dihaoine leis a’ chù Ellie. Bidh iad a’ tighinn a chèilidh oirnn gach cola-deug. Tha Pet Therapy a’ toirt misneachd dhan sgoilearan a thaobh a’ leughadh air beulaibh daoine eile.  ‘S e cù laghach a th’ ann an Ellie agus tha e còrdadh gu mòr ri na sgoilearan nuair a tha i tighinn a-staigh.

Ruth from Read2dogs came in on Friday with her dog Ellie. They are going to be visiting us every fortnight to give selected pupils the opportunity to grow confidence and comfortable reading aloud with a clear and loud voice. Ellie is a lovely dog and the pupils are always pleased to see her when she comes in.

Reading to animals, babies and teddies helps children to become confident readers.

You can read more about the work of Read2Dogs here-

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