Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi deagh laithean-saora agaibh uile! Gabh spòrs agus gabh fois.

We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday! Have fun.


Gu pàrantan C7 – To P7 parents

Gu pàrantan C7 – To P7 parents

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Primary 7 pupils and parents for the amazing Harris Tweed voucher. I am very touched by all your kindness and can’t thank you all enough for it. It has been a pleasure teaching all the children this year, and I will miss them greatly.


Miss Campbell. “

Sligheadarachd – Orienteering

Yesterday Finlay Todd came to the school to present the orienteering medals and trophies to the school.  Finlay has represented Scotland and Great Britain at orienteering, and Scotland at cross-country and  hill running.  He presented the INVOC Schools League trophy and the trophy for best primary school at the Scottish Schools.  In addition to that he presented 25 medals to the kids who had accumulated them over those two competitions!


‘S math a rinn clas 7 an aghaidh na tidsearan! Bhuannaich iad a gheama rounders feasgar an-diugh. Bha iad ag obair gu math mar sgioba agus rinn iad a chùis oirnn.

Well done P7 for beating the teachers today! The P7s and teachers  were playing against each other in a game of Rounders this afternoon. P7 did well, and worked effectively as a team!



Co-thional 22.6.18

Abair co-thional a bh’againn an-diugh! Chuala sinn clas 7 a’seinn gu sònraichte math òran a tha airson an co-thional aca air Diluain. Bha iad dìreach sgoinneil!

Chuala sinn cò bhuannaich an co-fharpais ealain airson Keir, a b’àbhaist a bhith ann an BSGI. ‘S math a rinn sibh!

Cuideachd, fhuair sgoilearan à gach class teisteansan airson tòrr diofar adhbharan. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!

What a great assembly we had today. We heard P7 singing wonderfully in preparation for their leaving assembly on Monday. They were fantastic!

We heard who the winners are in the Art competition for Keir, who was a pupil here at BSGI. Every pupil in the school drew a picture of a superhero for the competition, and Keir’s parents chose the lucky winners. Well done!

We also gave out our weekly certificates to pupils from each class. Well done to you all!

Friday 29th June

A’ Phàrant Chòir /                            Dear Parent/Carer


Tha an sgoil a’ dùnadh aig 12f air an latha mu dheireadh 29mh den t-Òg mhios 2018.

As you are aware the school closes for Summer break at 12noon Friday 29th June 2018.


Bidh lòn ann airson sgoilearan bho 11.30m ma tha iarratas ann.

The school are obliged to offer lunch, which would be served at 11.30am to those requesting it.


Lìonaibh na leanas gu h-ìosail airson do phàiste ma tha iad ag iarraidh lòn air an latha sin.

If you would like your child to have lunch please complete and return the slip below. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a lunch if the undernoted slip is not returned by 3.15pm on Friday 22nd June 2018.




Ainm CHILD NAME________________________________________           Clas CLASS____________


Sandwich Choice   HAM or CHEESE (please circle choice)


(Normal price of £2.30 for those that pay)