Co-thional 8.9.17


Seo agaibh sgoilearan C1-3 a bhuannaich na teisteanasan an t-seachdainsa. ‘S math a rinn sibh. Chaidh Cupa na Gàidhlig dha cuideigin ann an clas 2/3, agus bhuannaich clas 1 an Cupa airson an ‘Cloakroom’ as sgiobalta.

Here are the P1-3 pupils who received certificates this week. Well done! The Gaelic Cup went to a pupil in P2/3 and Primary 1 won the Cup for the tidiest cloakroom.



Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair

Bidh ‘Scholastic Book Fair’ anns an sgoil an ath sheachdain. Bidh cothrom aig gach clas coimheadh air na leabhraichean agus leabhar a thaghadh.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be arriving in the school next week. Each class will have an opportunity to look at what is available and pick a book. If your child would like to purchase a book, he/she will take home a slip with the name and price of the book.


Là ‘s a ghàrradh C4-7

Bha clasaichean 4-7 trang ‘s a ghàrradh-chluich an-diugh, a’ cladhach ‘s a sgioblachadh. Tha iad air lusan ùr a chur airson ‘Garradh Alpine’ a chruthachadh. Tha e a’ coimhead sgoinneil. Bha iad cuideachd a’ togail sgudal agus a’ gluasad fiodh airson ‘s gum bi rum ann airson cidsin poll. Tha sinn an dùil cidsin a thogail mar àite cluich airson na sgoilearan. Bha tòrr deagh bheachdan aig a chloinn mun chidsin. Bha na clasaichean uile gu math modhail agus cuideachail a-muigh, agus tha sinn an dòchas gum bi sibh uile a’ coimhead às dèidh an stuth ùr a h-againn. Mòran taing gu Mgr Neil Porter a thàinig a-steach airson cuideachadh a thoirt dhuinn.

Primaries 4-7 were busy in the playground today, digging and tidying. We placed new plants the outdoor planters to create an ‘Alpine Garden’. It looks great! The children were also litter-picking and moving wood to make room for an outdoor mud kitchen. We hope to build a mud kitchen for the children to play with during breaks and lunchtimes. The children had lots of great ideas on how to build the mud kitchen. All the classes were well-behaved and helpful outside today, and we hope that they will look after our new playground garden. Many thanks to Mr Neil Porter, who came along today to help in the playground.

Scottish Government survey

The Scottish Government is planning to nearly double the hours of free early learning and childcare by 2020. Because the views of parents and carers are crucial for the success of this expansion, the Government has commissioned independent researchers to undertake a survey of parents. It is now asking for help in sharing the survey link ( with as many parents of 0-5 year old children as possible. If you are a parent of 0-5 year old children, please complete the survey by following the link.



Good afternoon,





This is an initial e-mail to establish demand for Bikeability volunteer training for which you have all indicated interest in previously.  The Road Safety Unit plans to run a free sessions on one of the following dates: 18th,19th or 20th September ,in Inverness.  Training sessions take 5 hours (9:30 – 14:30) and the exact  venue will be decided subject to demand and confirmation , but normally we use the Archive Centre.


New volunteers must attend a Cycle Training Assistant (CTA) Course before delivering Bikeability to school pupils – the course is designed for school staff, parents or other community volunteers who are interested in delivering Bikeability Levels 1 & 2 to school pupil P5-7.  Volunteers attending the course will be guided through the skills and competencies required to deliver bike safety training to the national standard of Bikeability.  Please note that existing volunteers who have been delivering Cycling Proficiency or who have already achieved the CTA qualification are not required to retrain and should continue to deliver Bikeability at your school.  There is a large practical element to the course and new volunteers should be reasonably confident cyclists, provide their own bike, helmet and safety clothing.


If you are still interested or know anyone else who would be, please inform us (or your child’s school) of names and e-mail addresses, and the dates you can make,  before 1st September so that we can decide on appropriate venues and send out further details.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Kind regards




Laura Jamieson

Technician – Transport Planning

(Split Post: Road Safety / Development Management)